27 March 2009


Hello again! I have been having a ton of really good ideas lately. A lot of the times though, My great ideas fall by the wayside as other things get in the way. Why do work and bills always get in the way? Anyways well I was sort of researching into my idea and I found IvivaEmbroiders shop on Etsy. Her work says so much about her. Her work seems to be funny and tragic at the same time. The embroideries seem like they are torn right out of somone's journal- but that's what's great about her work. It's so relatble that it could be from anyone's journal. I think everyone had felt used, abused, and out of luck. It displays such a sense of insecurity and defeat and as bad as we would like to imagine I think we all can admit to feeling exactly the same. Its lovely and I think you should take a look.

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