08 April 2011

Six Things Phoenix Might Probably Need I think

Phoenix has really come quite a long way and it's getting cooler and cooler each day. I mean, I'm totally stoken on Filmbar, we've got the awesome market, lots of good coffee shops, the lightrail zippin through, and food trucks running rampant. Here's some other stuff I think we might probably need.

A super cute flower shop.
Flower Girl, NYC.
To turn the old buildings into hip, multiuse living spaces and storefronts, restoring the original architecture. (ie: not tearing em down to start from scratch and not letting aASU snatch em up to build parking structures on. And P.S. we don’t need any more new, stucco, blah places k? Why build from scratch when we've got architectural gems standing empty?)
Luhrs Building, Downtown Phx.

An awesome bakery or two.

Babycakes, NYC.
More vegan restaurants and options (maybe a vegan ice cream shop or something rad like that, eh?).

Yes, this Cheesy Mac and Rib sandwich is vegan. Mmmm.

KindKreme, LA.


Unpack a park. Whaa? RAD.

Some cool boutique hotels.

Hotel San Jose, Austin, TX.

This all reminds me of the old argument- which came first- the rad downtown? or the rad folks inhabiting it? Do you invest time and money into it hoping the right folks will stumble upon it or do you get the right people's interest before you invest?

What are some things you LOVE about your home town? What are some things you'd like to see different?


  1. if i had the skills to not kill plants i would totally open a super cute flower shop in phoenix! (i'm currently floral obsessed) and i totally agree: no more stucco buildings PLEASE! ^.^

    love your ideas!

  2. workin' on the vegan bakery biz...make take a while. (:

  3. ah! I want all that in denver too!

  4. This post was super awesome and I fully agree on all your suggestions. Let's make it happen!!

  5. How funny, I find a fellow Phoenician while looking for images of Natasha Kahn! Some of those beautify Phx ideas of yours are pretty good btw!


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