12 April 2011

WAFA/Sarah Barnes

I stumbled upon the WAFA collective a little while ago and was super stoked and inspired. WAFA (We Are Fucking Awesome) is composed of artists all over the world and aims to bring people together to inspire and ignite each artists' work; WAFA (We Are Fucking Awesome) is a global artist collective dedicated to the support and development of emerging artists. We are an international network of working artists... Our hope is to bring together a community of artists, united by collaboration, to inspire one another. To have the sense of family and community restored, where we can belong and continue to give value to what we believe in. To have an open dialogue about everything we experience, and the free exchange of ideas, knowledge and tools. Our focus is on collaborative works and initiatives. All work documented on this website was created by two or more artists working together. We have found that collectively we are stronger than individually. Yeah, they are fucking awesome.

One of my faves is Sarah Barnes, a collage artist and embroiderer.

Lovely. Check out this interview with her. And don't miss her beautiful blog.

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