20 April 2009


Hello! Thing have been busy as usual. I set up my etsy store, took some clothes to buffalo exchange, and started researching for a new project at work. Good weekend I'd say! For some reason they do not recycle here at work so I am trying to set up something. With all the folks here we generate a LOT of waste. And working in an office nearly everything is recyclable. Seeing as it is Earth Week what better time than now?! I am pretty psyched that I am really taking things into my own hands and making things happen in my life. Break up shmake up! Things are better than ever.

I sacrificed my trash can and my cousin and I created our first recycling bin here in the office. I also posted some info on how everyone can cut their environmental foot print! I took the quiz on this sight, http://ecofoot.org/ , to see how many earths it would take to support my lifestyle- 4.9!!! I've definitely got some work to do!

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