10 April 2009


I know the posts have been sparse this week but I've been quite busy. But I am psyched for the weekend and I am hoping to take some really awesome pictures to post.

First, tonight is going to be all about me! I am going to workout, ride bikes with my sister, work on my headbands, and take a long and wonderful shower.

Tomorrow will be a lovely little day. One of my mom's oldest friends is coming for the week. Tomorrow night we will be going for a hayride, with a bonfire and everything. I'm gonna wear my cowboy/girl/poke garb- complete with my pink plastic hoslter I found at Savers!
Sunday is Easter! Happy Easter or Passover or just plain Sunday to you! We are going to brunch at the Farm at South Mountain. Filled with fresh grown fare, I am sure to eat myself into a food coma. But when its all grown right there on the farm and picked fresh each day how could I not?! Then we are going to see the play Cats at ASU.

Finally, I am taking off monday to meet with my new advisor at my new school! I will be setting up classes for the fall semester and hopefully meeting a few people- cross your fingers I meet some friends!

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