21 May 2009


Another update; things have been lookin up. A girl is trying to start a Phoenix chapter of the Craft Mafia and she found my myspace/etsy and invited me to join! I am psyched! In addition to that, I had my etsy in the accessories showcase today and while no one bought anything (yet!) I have had several people favorite my shop. I know it sounds lame but hey, small victories right. I also finally made business cards and I am eagerly awaiting their arrival! So here are a few of the new items I've put up. If you shop or sell on etsy you should let me know! I love etsy. I love handmade things- there is so much love, joy, and character put into them. And I love supporting the super talented crafters that can be found on etsy and supermarket and all the other delicious sites that cater to handmade items!

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