09 March 2010


The other night I watched "No Impact Man" and boy did it get me thinking. It is the story of a man and his family and their quest to live without having an impact on the planet for a whole year! It was so great and it made me realize all of the little things each of us can do to make a real difference. You should definitely check it out.

And while I was in food mode I found some other really neat food related things. If you are in the Phoenix area you should check out Stealthy Table. They organize a dinner- sourced by local farms and prepared by local chefs but do not release the time and location (and sometimes the menu) about 24 hours before the event.
(HINT: click on the "t")

Finally, there is some really cool stuff on Blooming Rock's Youtube channel. There are alot of local food purveyors discussing sustainability, local food, waste, etc.

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