06 April 2010

Follow me pweeeease!!

Time flies by when you are trying to open a store! I've neglected my blog for some time now (don't worry I plan to be back on a semi-regular schedule soon enough). So I thought I'd tell you a little bit more about the shop. Housed within Butter Toast Boutique, Merry May Handmade will offer crafts supplies and classes, handmade goods, and vintage knick-nacks. I am really hoping to foster the growth of the modern craft movement in Phoenix by spreading my love of all things handmade, promoting crafters who are making an impact on the craft revlution and making a difference in our world, and showing folks how rewarding it is to create something from nothing.

There is so much good stuff in the works. Along with craft nights and classes, I am working on collaborating with our neighbors create a large and diverse crafting community. Check back often for ideas, inspiration, and updates. And those of you who are not in Phoenix, please follow the blog and become a fan on facebook (the revolution laughs in the face of physical and virtual boundaries!). I would love love love anyone and everyone's input and ideas! And for local folk and visitors, visit the shop at 908 N. 6th Street in the heart of downtown Phoenix.

<3 Don't forget the grand opening May 8th! <3

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  1. Hey there! Your custom listing's up and I sent you a couple of questions through ETSY convo... if you can check it out ASAP I'll get crackin' on your 'phones! :)


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