27 July 2010

Home is were the heart is

So my lease is up soon and I have been searching high and low for an amazing place- which is apparently quite the feat! My perfect home would have hardwood floors, a fireplace, built-ins, a perfect patio and garden, and would be filled with perfectly preserved vintage touches- and all within my budget. Its clear to me now that I have unrealistic expectations and I should probably move out of Arizona.

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  1. I sure do love that Home sweet home cross stitch :)
    All those photos would be lovely to have!

  2. Good luck in your search! I hope you find the home of your dreams :]

  3. these interiors are fabulous! i just moved to a new apartment (also not my dream place per say) and am looking for great ways to decorate! keep up the great ideas!

  4. I am definitely gonna make an adorable little cross stitch like that!

    I love coming home to something totally lovely. Allison, be sure to check out apartment therapy cause there are soooo many lovely things.

    Little miss toast eater- you are probably right, lol.


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