14 August 2010

4 Simple Goals

I have really been trying to make some changes in my world so Elsie's 4 Simple Goals (before 2011) challege really came at the perfect time! Here are mine!

1. Take more photos. I would love to take more of my own photos for my blog. I think it will be so fun to take pictures everywhere I go and learn more about photography as I practice.

2. Create a super inspiring home. Since I just moved, I would really love to create a home that is exciting and inspiring, cozy and warm; a place that really feels like home.

3. Schedule time each day for creativity. I have so many ideas all the time so I am going to plan specific time into each day for my little creative projects. By the time winter craft fairs roll around I should be all ready with lots of goodies to sell.
4. Bake lots! I LOVE baking and, like photography, would like to bake a lot more often. I need lots of practice so that I can become a pro. So friends, prepare for lots of delicious goodies : )
What kinds of things would you like to do before the end of the year?


  1. your goals are so sweet! I would love to bake more as well. i just don't set time aside often enough these days for baking. It's been a couple months since i baked anything!

    Good luck with your goals and check mine out here if you want: http://rosemaryx.wordpress.com/2010/08/13/4-simple-goals/



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