10 August 2010

Busy Days and Beautiful Things

I hope you all are having a super great day! Today has been rather busy. I got a new assignment at work that I am pretty excited about and today is my last night at Anthropologie. Sad but true. Even though I am seriously going to miss all of the beautiful things and my amazing coworkers I know that there are good things to come!

Here are some pretty fall things from Anthropologie :)

Find them all here.

P.S. Don't forget about craft night on Thursday at 908 N. 6th Street from 5-8pm- it'll be a blast I promise!


  1. oh that dress!! simply stunning...really unique detailing...

    good luck to you on your newest endeavors!!

  2. Chelsea- Yay!! I can't wait!

    Omg there are so many lovely fall-y things at Anthropologie right now. Thanks for your well wishes!


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