02 August 2010

Sew many ideas!

I just signed up for a sewing class and I am so excited. Here are some things I want to make.

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Oh and I have quite a few vintage pieces I would love to alter, fix, or modernize. I'll be a master seamstress in no time!!


  1. Oh, I would love a vintage dress! I have none in my collection and would certainly love one! I really need to work on that haha

  2. Master sewer. Although I think you have a good message I don't see how it's any bit related to sewers, and sewage systems, or how someone can be one, and, at that, a master one.

  3. Oh my dear Chelsea- stick with me and I'll have your closet filled in no time!

    Unkommon- Maybe I am meant to be a plumber of something, lol. Freudian slip?

  4. Promise to do so Ashley :] Can't wait!


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