01 September 2010


I've been itching for a new tattoo lately.

Maybe its because my friend Jasmine and I keep talking about going or maybe it's the amazing Tattoo Tuesday series over at Sometimes Sweet, which I am obsessed with. I know I want the words "Make Do and Mend" on the inside of my bicep- but that's all I have come up with so far. Any crafty little ideas?

(All of the photos I collected over time and do not know where I got them from. If you know where I found it or who the photo belongs to please let me know so I can give credit where it is due : )


  1. must be in the air..I have the itch to start my dandelion tattoo..

  2. I love crafty tattoos, here is mine in a post I did a while ago.. http://ldcdesigns.blogspot.com/2010/06/feet-what-will-be-next-big-thing.html

    ps. I found your blog from a beautiful mess, congrats on being a sponsor over there!

  3. Corinne- Awe a dandelion tattoo would be so cute!

    Lindsay- That's totally cute! Thanks for visiting my blog. I just became a fan of LDC designs on facebook and twitter : )

  4. why not have the "font" look embroidered? (:

  5. Oooo an embroidered font would be darling! I can't decide if I should just do lettering or build something around the words... hmmm.


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