17 September 2010

Thankful Thursdays v2

Here are the things I am thankful for this week!

Music. Every morning I wake up and turn music on. It helps me get psyched for the day. 

Makeup remover. Cause sometimes I'm dancing to hard to the aforementioned music and eyeliner goes everywhere.

Liquid eyeliner. Every single day.

Yogi detox tea. I drink it every single day. It's so tasty and, like I mentioned last week, they have the very best tea tags. 

Girls only family dinners at my favorite restaurant. Last night my mom and sister met me at True Food Kitchen. Dad is out of town so it was a perfect excuse to go out. Even though they changed the menu and got rid of two of my most favorite dishes (the green tea soba noodles and the roasted vegetables with farro and figs- soooo good), it was still delicious and a fun night.

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What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I used to wear liquid eyeliner every day too. These days you're lucky if I put any makeup on at all! I've either gotten lazy, or I'm spoiled having a fiancé who thinks I'm beautiful whether or not there's makeup on my face. <3 (He's what I'm most thankful for.)

  2. Ditto makeup remover! Also comfy shoes after a day's shopping, tea in bed made by my boyfriend every morning, and chocolate, of course :D

  3. I'm thankful for Ryan - who has cooked me meals, taken a bubble bath with me (!) and rubbed my back. Rough week...definitely helps to have a lovely bf :)

    Liquid eyeliner huh? I need to learn how to do that properly haha

  4. i'm thankful that i found your bloggie blog! it's so cute! :)

    i also loooove me liquid eyeliner... and music of course {who doesn't}... the weepies. the avett brothers. band of horses. brooke waggoner are a few of my faves! they are soooo good.

  5. adam.and.e- Thanks so much for stopping by! Oooh I love The Weepies! It's silly but The Weepies always remind me of Christmas- remember a few years ago they were on a commercial at Christmas time, lol.

    Kara- I love you. You are hilarious and risqué. Come over and I'll totally teach you how to work the liquid liner.

    Amy- Tea in bed with a loved one- sounds perfect!

    I love hearing about all these sweet, loving boys who are treating you all so well! I hope one day I can find an awesome guy for myself :)


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