30 September 2010

Thankful Thursdays v4

This week I am thankful for...

Tea cups and coffee mugs. I swear coffee and tea taste better in an adorable mug.

Vitamin C. Boo, I've been sick. I've been downing tons of vitamin C to kill those dirty little sick monsters really quick.

Singing. While I'm not the best singer, when I'm in my car I belt it like a pop star.

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What are you thankful for?


  1. cute post!
    and also, tea does taste different in mugs...well, different in mugs then in a styrofoam or plastic cup. i find it changes the taste...i prefer mugs as well and if they're cute that's a bonus!! that photo you posted of the mug is adorable; 70s vintage AND owls? perfection.

  2. Carly- Isn't that mug the cutest! If I had more space in my tiny house I would totally collect mugs <3

    BTB- Its from AshleyG. She's the one who made the cute "I'd rather be thrifting" print we both loved!! She makes the beeest things.


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