18 October 2010

10 Best Fally Things for You and Your Home

I love Fall and, to be honest, its really irritating that while everyone is enjoying cool temperatures, sweaters and cuddling up with someone special we are dealing with temperatures in the 90s. Can you believe it? For those of you who are soaking up the loveliness of Fall, here are my 10 favorite things for you and your home. And guess what? They were all found on Etsy (except one) so you can snatch em up. (P.S. Send me some pictures of leaves and things so I can pretend!).

I reeeeally wanna be good at wearing hats. My friend Jasmine is the best at wearing hats. Maybe if I practice... : )

Vintage Collars
Fancy Lucky Vintage
I looove collars. (Remember my post about Peter Pan collars?) I got a lovely vintage crocheted collar on my summer vacation- I can't wait to wear it!

Yummy Smelling Candles
It doesn't feel like fall without a yummy spicy candle burning.

The Loose Leaf
I am soooo glad I found this shop! I wanna try everything in it! I have been trying to get off caffeine and have really taking a liking to tea- I wanna be one of those wine folks who knows all the tastes and flavors... but with tea.

Saddle Shoes
Anna's Attic
I just got some pretty little saddle shoes over the summer. But check out these blue ones- adorable! (FYI- there are tons of good ones in 7-7.5 on Etsy. If you wear that size you should check it out!)

Knee Socks
Xenia Home
Sooo lovely.

Bird in Hand
There's nothing like curling up in a cozy afghan with a cup of tea and reading a book.

Pumpkin-y Treats
I wanna make or eat these NOW.

Apricot Baby Baby
Ponchos are perfect for fall-y months cause they are cozy and keep you warm but not too warm. If I had an extra $50 you better believe I'd snatch this little one up! I'm so in love!

Sosae Caetano
Wouldn't you love to receive something handmade with this pretty hand spun yarn?


  1. I bet those candles smell yummy, I always fill my house with spicey smells in the Fall! Love the yarn!

  2. ooo saddle shoes, i love all of this! :) one question...how would you wear that collar? over a blouse or cardi maybe? i have some vintage collar patterns and just can not picture how to wear them.

  3. I love the over the knee socks! Perfect for fall!


  4. I wish I was more of a hat-wearing girl, too. I have a couple of really cute hats, I just get too self-conscious.

    Love your list, though. I'm making myself a granny square blanket. :)

  5. Meg-I know right?! They have a sample pack with three different fall-y smells I am totally tempted to buy.

    Mandi- I like to wear them with collarless dresses or put them over a collared shirt. They are just so pretty!

    Diane- I want those ones so much!

    Brina- Oh! you need to teach me!

  6. A local handmade/vintage store had a fabulous idea for collars! One of the girls that owns it cut off the sleeves of a hand printed, adorable tank top and sewed the shirt to the collar. It turned out beautiful (I did buy it after all). If you're interested, I can send you a picture!


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