04 October 2010

Self Promotion


I just stumbled upon this post over at Hipstercrite about self promotion and blogging.

Gah! Self promotion has always been somewhat of a nightmare for me. I'm actually really a shy person so the idea of self promotion- even for my shop- gives me the shivers (even though I am aware that it is fully necessary). I'm not the kind of person who is going to comment on a blog post just to link back to my blog. If I don't have anything authentic to say I'd rather not comment at all. I fear that posting each new blog post of facebook makes people cringe! I don't generally promote myself or my business in daily conversations (maybe I should be?).

What are your thoughts on promoting your self, your blog, or your shop? What has worked for you? What has proven unsuccessful?

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  1. I know how you feel. I don't comment on blogs so that people will then go to my blog. I do it because I have an opinion or want to be friendly. Unfortunately, it seems like you have to self-promote in order to have a successful Etsy shop. There are so many sellers who have a lot more experience and exposure. Those of us who are just starting out have to be creative in how we attract people to our shop or blog. I like the idea of having my button on someone else's blog. Its not too "Look at me!" :)

  2. Yes I think its a really hard balance- cause like you said you MUST do it- but I really think that there is a level of transparency online. I think folks can really tell when you are being authentic vs. trying to sell something. That's why I looove bloggers like James of Bluebird Vintage or Danielle of Sometimes Sweet and think that's why they have such a following- you can tell they are sincere and authentic.

  3. I'm gonna have to check out those two blogs.

    I try to be authentic in everything I do. I kind of let my adoration for a certain crafty goddess influence things I was making. I had to tell myself "When its stuff for around my house, and my personal use, that may be alright. But if I were to try to sell or profit off something that I felt had totally ripped off another artist, that's NOT okay." There's a woman on flickr who I feel is totally ripping off someone else, and it makes me so mad. I don't ever want anyone to feel that way about me.


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