09 December 2010

Thankful Thursdays v12

This Thursday I am thankful for.....

The GROWop!!!

The GROWop in the little artist co-op I kinda run with my friends, Josh and Kenny.

Aren't they so cute?

So here's how it all began. There's this pretty urban garden (that Kenny runs) in downtown Phoenix called the Growhouse. Josh and Kenny had been trying to get their little boutique, inside the house on the property, up and running for quite some time. So I went to Kenny and asked if maybe I could be a part of it. Both the boys seemed really excited and we got it up and running soon after.

The GROWop is filled with lots of handmade and found items from our wonderful and talented consigners. It's jam packed with tons of amazing finds- whenever I'm there I just want to buy everything! I am so excited that Kenny, Josh and I have very similar tastes and visions. I love that we can talk and share ideas and that we get to hang out so much. These boys are seriously amazing and inspiring and I am so so thankful that I get to work with them.

The GROWop has only been open for a short while but things are looking good. Each day I get more and more excited about what we are doing and where we might go. Things are slowing down around here- I completed my sewing class (woo!), the Crafeteria, and am transitioning into my new position at work. I can't wait to have a ton of extra time to spend investing in our little dream. I'm so so happy and so thankful for the GROWop and Josh and Kenny. 

If you're local, stop by the GROWop (902 N. 6th street in downtown Phoenix)! We are open Friday and Saturday from 11 to 7 and Sunday from 11 to 5. Questions? Interested in consigning? Just wanna say hi?Contact us at growopboutique@gmail.com.


  1. Hi Ashley!
    The blog looks great! I sent you an email also!
    Enjoy your day,
    gina :o)

  2. thanks lady, that was nice, :)

  3. I love your blog. its the cutest ever


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