25 March 2011

What I Wore

 Hey hey! Guess what I wore?
This cute, stripey dress.

Normally I haaate shopping. I can never find anything I like. It's weird cause I love thrifting, and for most people it's usually the other way around I think.

 But I actually found this gem at Forever 21. I know what you're thinkin- "What? Ashley are you serious?"

Yes. Yes I am.

Cuteness right?
(P.S. Check out the cute featers in my hair. There are four but I'm not sure you can see too well in the photo. I got it from my loves, the ladies at the Roose Parlour and Spa).

Traci had on the cutest dress ever. There just so happened to be a similar, red maxi in Butter Toast. So we played dress up.

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