27 April 2011

Guess what I bought

I bid on this lil gem the other day on Ebay.

But I lost.

But then I get an email from the seller. Apparently the person who won "accidentally" bid.... hmmm seems suspect, yes? Anyways, she offered it up to the top 3 bidders at the lower price and I snatched that shit up.

The interior is a little too grandma-y for me (What? Is that possible?). But luckily, all this lil girl needs is a cosmetic makeover. The bones are perfect.

One of my dreams in life is to own a vintage trailer. And this one's perfect- 1961 Shasta. Im a sucker for the wings.

I've got a lot more things in the works that are pretty exciting. Change is super scary but I think it's time for some changes around these parts. I want to tell you more but I must wait.... I think by this weekend I'll be able to divulge more. Cross your fingers, say your prayers for me purdy please.


  1. It's amazing! Good luck fixing it up! Congrats ^_^

  2. Amazing! That is so exiting! :) Congrats on your new purchase, I look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  3. Oh man! I am de-lurking to say: Those wings make my heart stop! Live the dream for all of us!

  4. oh my gosh- LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We have a Vintage Airstream and we love it. What will you be doing with this beauty?

  6. shut the front door! i want one! i've been talking about getting something like this for a mobile shop...and now you've completely inspired me to start looking around. also...how flippin cute are they? does it travel?

  7. Oh gosh, it is so cute!!
    If I had the opportunity to buy one, I would sooo turn it into a little playhouse for my kids. Imagine having one of those as a backyard retreat?! maaan! I may need one to turn into a knitting/craft room.

  8. Congrats on the purchase! :D So many adventures are about to be lived in it!



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