05 April 2011


Sorry I've been MIA. I've had an unfortunate string of bad luck and it's really gettin me bummed out.

First I lost a $20 bill. I found $1. Weird karma right?

My mom hit my car. She didn't mean to (at least I hope she didn't).

I've been out of it. I feel like things are just uncomfortable, like when you have a scratch right in the center of your back and no matter which arm you use or which way you bend and stretch, you still can't get to it. Somethings outta wack.

Maybe I need to look for a new job? Maybe I need to be more creative? Maybe I need new friends? I dont really know.

.... whatever...

I found this cool tumblr today- JVL.


  1. hey there lady! i'm sorry that things have been so down for you lately. i hope you find what it is you are looking for. you're a super sweet girl and deserve to be happy!

    Chin Up! <3kat

  2. hope things get better, i'm having a bad week too =\

  3. I guess unfortunately all days cant be the best day ever. Hope your luck turns around!


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