23 June 2011


I've been MIA recently, and for good reason. We took our annual family vacation! Each year for almost as long as I can remember, we take a family trip with the whole crew- mom, dad, sister, boy cousin, girl cousin, her hubby and three kiddos, grandma, grandpa, aunt, and uncle- that's right, like, a billion people. Unfortunately, boy cousin was unable to embark on our family trip- he had to stay home with his fiance and her lil boy cause silly work got in the way.

 Got my favorite lil lady by my side : )
My cousin's kids. All set to go on the airplane!

This year's adventure took us on a cruise to the Bahama's, St. Thomas, and St. Maartin.

Central Park
Our room!!
Our view

We flew out saturday afternoon and arrived in Fort Lauderdale late that evening. Sunday afternoon we were allowed to board the ship. Get this- the folks from the previous cruise get off around 9 in the morning. Then they board the next cruisers around 1. Nuts. Anyways, we sailed on the Allure of the Seas, the largest cruise ship ever. This baby held over 6,000 guests and over 2,000 crew. With something like 12 individual restaurants in addition to the main dining room, the ship also holds an ice cream shop, a cupcake shop, and the first ever Starbucks at sea.

Bye bye Florida!
 St Thomas
The lizard situation in St. Thomas was a little outta hand
I love this little church in St. Maartin

There's a casino, ice skating rink, spa, gym, aquatheater, comedy club, theater (where Chicago played), and more. There were tons of activities to keep you busy including two surf simulators, a zip line, two rock climbing walls, basketball courts, a jogging track, mini golf.... I could go on for days. It's seriously nuts.

Goofin on the Boardwalk
 Riley bein silly. It's the only pic the little stinker would let me capture.
 So happy to be eatin her toes!
 My favorite picture ever. I told her to close her eyes and mouth before she jumped into the pool and this is the face she made each time. Love that little girl x 1000.

 We watched the Stanley Cup final in the aquatheater in the rain.
 My mom made me take a picture of her making a silly, I'm hammered face. She pulled it off pretty well.  

We had lots of fun and I got a lot of quality time with the kiddos. Supah fun. Oh, I've got videos too! I'm gonna try and do some fancy things to it and I'll post it in the next few days : )


  1. this looks so fun! is that "central park" on the boat? im tripping out over here! i went to the bahamas with my mom when i graduated high school...so beautiful in the tropics. xo.

  2. O M G.
    That ship is over the top. I didn't realize they even made cabins like that? Crazy. I wonder how much their daily gas bill is..


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