12 August 2011

Road Trip || Cults

A couple weeks ago my dear sister and I took a quick road trip down to Tucson. Cults was playing at Club Congress so we decided to make a weekend of it!

And we're off!
We stopped at Dutch Brothers for some coffee first... And totally creeped out the dude working there. Andrea started taking pictures of him- weird? Maybe. But he was standing in the fridge when we got there. I think he's the weird one. He then proceeded to tell us how some girl basically stalked him and made him a collage of secret pictures she had taken of him. Haha.
Yay sisters!
Tunes for the road
Hotel Congress
After checking in to our room, we grabbed a quick dinner at the Cup Cafe in the hotel. It was actually fairly nice out and we enjoyed it by sitting outside until it started raining. As we left the restaurant we noticed the GIANT line so we jogged upstairs to get ready quick. 
Cults! Cults! Cults! They have the best hair. 
We made friends with these nice folks behind us. They let us go in front of them cause Andrea had a fancy camera. Win!

On a similar note, we were also by these crazy folks who were super drunk. The girl proclaimed how "effed up" she was and worried how they were supposed to drive back to Phoenix THAT NIGHT. Eep! I hope to God they didn't. She dropped a glass (which shattered at our feet) followed by a beer. They kept giving Ms. Cults high fives between each song....until the guy tried to kiss/bite her hand. Sloppy yet funny.
I caught the towel that Mr. Cults wiped his sweaty face with hahaha. Lucky Andrea. She was just soakin it up.
I loooove old signs
Soyrizo, tofu and potato burrito from Lovin' Spoonfuls.

We spent Sunday exploring the town. We started with brunch at Lovin' Spoonfuls, followed by coffee at  Cartel, and vintage shopping along 4th. Pretty great weekend with my bestest friend EVA.I'm so thankful I got to spend it with my sister, especially since that little lady will be leaving suuuuper soon for college. She's the best  : )

They look fun huh? Enjoy.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I hope to have similar adventures on my massive American road trip this fall!



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