03 October 2012

Best of Phoenix

I won a Best of Phoenix award!

Last Thursday I was hanging with Trev when all of a sudden I got a text from my BFF Jasmine. It read, "You got a Best Of in New Times!" I was caught off guard to say the least... and to be honest, I didn't have a clue what she was saying (autocorrect mistake perhaps?). My slow brain finally connected the dots and then exploded out of excitement. MY BRAIN EXPLODED.

Growing up as a young girl attending high school in downtown Phoenix, I was always studying at Lux, eating at That's a Wrap or attending local fashion shows. I was always searching for cool things and totally admired the people working to make our town awesome. Now I'm growin up and feel like I'm becoming one of those people I used to admire so much! Every time I've gotten an award or recognition or, hell, even a blog post written about me I've been so honored, humbled, and blown away. I am totally inspired and hope that I can build my dream and maybe even one day be an inspiration to people, the way people like Angela Johnson or Kimber Lanning were to me.

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