10 December 2012

Crafeteria Recap!

Crafeteria was soooo fun!!!! I was so happy to see so many (bloggy) friends I haven't seen in ages. It was pretty busy and I, unfortunately, didn't get many chances to walk around and take photos of all the lovely booths. There were so many awesome things to see and buy and I got my Christmas shopping nearly finished!

Me and Mandy! Mandy of Dash it All is the funniest lady ever and has the best style.
Sarah of Arrow and Apple, Chelsea of Tea Talk, and Mandy.
 Katy and Ant and their amazing booth <3 Katy is the most talented lady who makes the cutest dolls. I want to buy ALL of them.
 Me, Sarah and Chelsea. I originally met Sarah when I took a product photography course of hers at Frances. She is the cutest, sweetest lady. She has this online photo lighting course you should definitely check out. I can't even tell you how much I learned in our little class.

Thank you everyone who came out and supported our small business. I know I say this often, but we really couldn't do it without your support! And thank you to all the amazing folks at Frances and Medlock Plaza for putting on this event each year. I love you all!

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