25 February 2013


I decided to start a new little series called Covet. Through all my online browsing and pinning I find so many Ah-mazing items that I love and want but can't bring myself to buy. Either because I don't actually need them, they are out of my budget, or because I'm trying to be a good girl and not splurge. So I thought I'd be fun to share some of the lovely things I'm coveting lately. Here we go!

 1+2 Any of the lovely scarves from Blockshop Textiles. Their stuff is really gorgeous. 3 Wallpaper from Kirath Ghundoo. We have a long wall in our bedroom and I really want to wallpaper it with either vintage paper or something modern and graphic. This would be lovely!

4 I'm dying over this sweater from Ermie. 5. More lipstick from Radiant Cosmetics! I recently got Moscow and it is awesome- fabulous color, comfortable and not too drying on the lips and totally wearable. Now I need Charlotte. And probably Montana.

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  1. Dude, I want that sweater. So cute!


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