19 February 2013


Lately I've been...

Reading this. The Greenhorns, a book of essays written by young farmers in America, about their trials and tribulations, their passion, and the work they are doing to reform the agricultural system.  I'm only a little ways into it but I'm loving it so far.

Inspired by this. The story of Brittany and Chris and their new boy. So beautiful.

Wanting to make this. Simple and fresh. If only we had strawberries in our garden...

Listening to this. I've been super into listening to lectures and courses while I'm at work. I've really enjoyed this one. The professor is adorable.

Thinking about this. I think this year might be the year for a career/life/whatever change. Maybe I'll go back to school? Maybe I can find a way to support myself fully with my vintage shop/blogging? I've been thinking about this a lot and I'm excited to see what unfolds.

Coveting these. I'm effin obsessed with Tumbleweeds. I got these bad boys recently and can't get enough.

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  1. Thanks for sharing our story, Ashley. So sweet of you.


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