12 February 2013

Over the weekend

Hey folks! I've been super busy and MIA for the past couple days. I think that there is some stillness ahead and I'm hoping it will come sooner rather than later. This past weekend was busy but lovely. It was rainy and cloudy all weekend and it was perfect!

I went on a long bike ride, took a bath, did a few shop merry may things, cleaned the house and even squeezed in some time with my pals. Sunday I met the lovely Chelsea of Tea Talk for coffee and chats. It was so fun and a perfect way to spend the morning.

Afterwards, Trev and I decided to grab lunch at the Willo Home Tour. This tour happens every year and displays some of Phoenix's most beautiful historic homes but somehow I never go. Wtf. So we hopped on over, had some yummy food truck lunch as we wandered the neighborhood, and even got to hold  some puppies! It was a lovely weekend.

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