05 March 2013

AZ Vintage Love || Part 1

Arizona has a pretty solid group of vintage enthusiasts, vintage style stars and vintage shops. It's super cool and exciting to be a part of this awesome community. Luckily for you non-local peeps, there are some killer vintage shops on Etsy for you to peruse. Here are some of  my personal faves from my home town. 

Southwest Vintage is probably my all time favorite vintage Etsy shop, AZ or otherwise. It's filled with pieces indicative of the Southwest, has great photos and awesome styling. 
 Kayleen of Flour Clothing has an amazing eye and great style. She always has lots of mid century pieces and affordable children's gear too.

 Superstition Vintage is filled with awesomely unique pieces and is super affordable. (P.S. follow adorable owner Adriene's  blog, Adriene Loves Owls)

Part two tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my shop with your readers!! :D


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