12 March 2013


I've been sick as a dog for the last three days. I've spent my days in vintage nightgowns, drinking tea and hobbling around like an old lady (which actually sounds nicer than it is). Today is my second day missing work and I'm beginning to see that I pretty much suck as a patient. I've spent one day resting and I already feel like I'm going crazy. I'm a busy body and have a hard time being still. Needless to say, my yoga challenge has somewhat fallen by the wayside. I started thinking about it and began feeling bad about myself and my practice. But then I realized, this is exactly what it's about. It's about listening to what my body needs and if it needs to rest I need to respect it and listen to it rather than fighting it. So maybe resting is the yogi thing to do : )

I'm going to try to list some things on Etsy this afternoon. I've got so many lovely spring summer pieces I can't wait to show you. Keep an eye out. Hope you are all well.

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