28 October 2009

Vegan MOFO Round 9

(via emmakisstina's flickr)

Wow. October is nearing its end and I've only posted 9 times for vegan mofo. Oh well at least it got me to blogging again right?

As I said before, veganism is more of a world view or lifestyle and less simply a dietary preference. Therefore, alot of vegans refrain from participating in anything that is not cruelty free and that includes buying beauty products that have animal by-products or that are tested on animals.

Did you know that they smear lipstick in bunnies eyes to make sure you wont get a rash or something?! How sad. Seriously, how does that even equate. Bunnies and humans are so different how would the results even be indicative of human response to such products? Also, doesn't it seem like- if the products have a bunch of chemicals which makes it imperative they test them on aminals before giving it to us, do we really wanna be putting these things on our skin? I think I would rather go make-up-less... or just check out this list of companies that are animal friendly.

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