27 January 2011

Etsy Love: Lucky Labs

Guess what I just got?

This awesome laptop cover from Lucky Labs. It's sooo handsome.

It was a slow day at the shop today. I drank a yummy soy latte from one of my favorite coffee shops, Urban Beans (it's my favorite cause all my friends work there. Pop in and say hi to them : ) and enjoyed the pretty weather.

Hope you had a great day.


  1. Ah LOVE that cover! I wanted one for my iphone! ♥

  2. What an adorable laptop! I want one! Too cute. Lovelovelove.

    <3 Deanna

    of: http://barefootblogginglove.blogspot.com/

  3. So super adorable! And I can't get over your lipstick...so super fierce.

  4. love the laptop cover and your look!


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