01 February 2011

Fashion Inspiration

So I HATE when people do this.... But I feel inclined to.... I am sorry I've been slacking on the blog front lately. I have been working out some issues and things in life and have not been keeping up as I would like to here in blog world. There are lotsa things I wanna share with you and lotsa blogs I usually keep up with that I haven't been : ( But don't worry, the serious life things will eventually work themselves out as they should and I've got backstock in blogging ideas.

Anyways, have you seen these mug shots of Australian criminals? I found it via one of my favorite blogs, Little Paper Planes. Who knew those yardbirds could be so dang fashionable. I'd give my right arm to look like them; so dapper and debonair.

 Pretty hat.

 The one on the left if the most adorable (why does she look so happy to be having her mug shot taken?). I have to recreate that outfit.

 I think this one is beautiful.

 Her hair!!

Handsome fella. Love the bad boys : )

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  1. i as well kind of hate when people appologies why they haven't been around their blogs, but when you find yourself in that same position (i just wrote a similair post) you kind of feel that you want to say something, because you feel sorry, and because you care of your readers and want to include them a little.

    so i think it's really ok to say sorry.
    i hope that everything will work out for you, whatever it is.
    take care/


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