13 October 2011

Fashion || Etsy Fall Wants

I get sooo stinking excited for fall. I love love love waking up to a dark house and cuddling under the covers (even though it's soooo hard to wake up), pumpkin flavored things EVERYWHERE, drinking tea under an afghan, plants greening up (that's what happens here in the desert), and most of all, fall fashion.

Here are some things that I'm really into for fall and winter.

Nordic Prints/ Ponchos (of course... I'm a poncho-holic)

Biker Jackets (I'm dying for one!)

Long Sleeved Mini Dresses (If I had to choose one dress to describe me I might choose this one)

Patterned Tights (especially swiss dots and hearts : )

What special pieces are you looking for to jazz up your wardrobe this season?


  1. Ashley! I have no business buying things right now but I couldn't pass up those dungarees!! They are amazing. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Oh my word. Did you seriously buy them? They are like the most perfect things in the whole world.


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