19 April 2012

Spring in the Desert

It's been crazy beautiful around these parts lately. Spring time is Arizona is my favorite time- save for my gnarly allergies which, at the moment, are making me want to rip my head off.
Whatever though- I'll deal if that means enjoying perfect weather, pretty landscapes and afternoons outside. Trev- Hey have you met my beau? If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen his pretty face. Here he is. Say hi.- and I decided to take a nice little morning hike.
We headed to the close-by Piestawa Peak (formerly Squaw Peak but I guess that was determined to be racist so they changed it). We did some exploring, took some pics, got a little lost, then met our dearest pals for a lovely lunch where, rather than speaking, we all got wrapped up in a gnarly, day long game of Draw Something. (If you don't already have the app take my advice- DON'T DO IT. It's like a casino. Seems harmless but next thing you know you're sucked in, it's three days later, and you've lost your job. No, I didn't lose my job but it's really that addicting. Trevor and I don't even talk in "real life" anymore ; ) It was a great Sunday- exactly what I needed after my busy week.

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