20 June 2012

Blog Love || Amy's Summer of Self-Love

You know what's cool? Awesome people doing awesome things. That's why I wanted to tell you about Amy of Vanagon Champion's Summer of Self-Love project. This bad ass bitch is on a crusade to get ladies to love and accept their bodies during, arguably, the hardest time of the year- the time when the temps heat up and the clothes come off.

I've always struggled with body image, as most women do. I've hated my body, I've bought junk i don't need thinking it will make me feel better, I've done stupid diets. Summer has always been a difficult time for my own self confidence. I've always hated wearing shorts because of this insane little quirk I've had for as long as I can remember. Now don't laugh but... I've always had a complex about my knees. I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm sure you can relate- when you focus on the silliest little thing that surely no one else in the world notices (and I promise you, they don't). As women we are taught by the media and such to pick our bodies apart, to strive for some silly "ideal", and are taught we need fixing. With each day comes some new product we need or some part of our body we are told we need to fix. We are constantly being told we are imperfect and that we are not ok. It's bullshit and I'm over it. Think of how much more fulfilling our lives could be if we could let it all go and stop imposing limits on ourselves. I know that I am my own worst enemy and my own worst critic. You can probably relate. I know I'm the only one holding myself back from the life I want to have and it's time to take a stand! 
"Turn your negative thinking into just how INCREDIBLE your body is. Your skin replaces itself every month,                     your stomach lining every five days, and your liver every six weeks. That doesn't even begin to describe what your body can do. Dude. Remind yourself of your exquisite body's capabilities on the daily. IT IS A GIFT."

                                               - seriously did you know that? that's nuts! our bodies are incredible and capable of extraordinary things.  

Who inspires you? Do you have any quirks? What do you do to show your body love and make yourself feel special?I know it's easier said than done but together we can work it out. I'm so happy I came across Amy's blog and feel pretty inspired. I hope you take a moment to check out the articles and I hope they inspire you too. Also, check out my dear friend Michelle's blog. She's such a sweet heart and you can tell through her blog she is a strong, beautiful woman who accepts and loves herself just as she is. She seriously inspires me all the time.

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