28 June 2012

Press || Frances Smeeks

I have a confession. I'm really bad with social media. Don't get me wrong I like it and all- I'll get lost in instagram/pinterest world for hours on end. But I'm really bad about being consciously active in the social media world. I almost ALWAYS forget to bring my camera places and even if I did, I'd surely get so wrapped up in the moment I wouldn't use it. I get excited and post things to instagram but forget to update my facebook with important business milestones. I work on a computer all day and rarely want to scour my favorite blogs after work.

But yesterday I had a rare moment were I decided to catch up in the blogosphere and on facebook. To my surprise I found a lovely blog post about me!

"we’ve been a huge fan of local gal and one of this year’s big brain winners,
ashley eaton of merry may shoppe,
ashley brought her adorable retro camper to our crafeteria and
she’s been running her mobile vintage shop all around phoenix!
make sure you check out merry may because she has awesome style and taste,
and she’s keeping the valley vintage-ly trendy."

Frances and Smeeks are two of my most favorite local boutiques here in Phoenix. The owner, Georgeanne Bryant, is basically my hero and definitely someone I strive to be like. Thanks to all the lovely ladies of Francis and Smeeks (and Brendan, of course : ) for the lovely write up! I'm gonna get my shop on at Frances this weekend and make the boyfriend buy me some treats at Smeeks. Woot!

In their post they included this neat video! Take a looksie!

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