04 June 2012

Sneak Peak || Merry May Photo Shoot

As you know I've been working toward getting an online shop going. Not only do I have all the goodies from my trailer (unfortunately the awful, oppressive summer heat means no taking the trailer out for the next few months) plus all kinds of amazing personal collections I've acquired over the years and discovered again through unpacking**. Things are moving slowly (like, real real slow) but surely, with buying the house and moving and other personal junk, but I can feel in my bones it's all going to be worth it. I often get a bit frustrated because every time I seems to get a leg up something else comes my way- just not enough time in the day I guess! I have to stop myself and say- "Hey Ash!! You shush! No negativity- it'll all happen!" Anyways, Blah blah blah I digress.

So we took advantage of the long weekend and insanely gorgeous weather and did a little photo shoot (turned epic BBQ) on Sunday. I'm so so lucky to have so many amazing, talented friends who were eager to help. I'm so thankful! Here's a peak of the photos my pal Jarrett took. He's amazing. Can't wait to see the rest.

**Also, I've been trying to post on Instagram (@merrymay) so follow me if you want first dibs on awesome vintage goodies! 

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