02 June 2012

 Baby Trevy and I took a little day trip to the river recently. We'd been wanting to get outta town, go somewhere where we could do some hiking and swimming, be in nature and just relax a little. We wanted to really get out of town the weather was just so lovely (read: would be too cold to swim if we headed North) so we headed out to the Salt River. For those of you who don't know, the Salt River is in Mesa and lots of people go to tube down it and have floating parties- complete with floating coolers piled high with booze and blaring terrible music all along the way. With it being Memorial Day weekend it was INSANE (it actually looked super fun. I mean, if like, at least half the people were gone). Dumb on our part but whatevs. We got lucky to find a pretty little space, far from where the crazy drunk folk were tubing. There was NO ONE and it was perfect. 
On our way!

Look at the moon in the back! 

My BF is so cute I wanna punch him. 

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  1. I drove out to the river for a shoot last weekend and saw that Phoenix sign for the first time!

    You and your BF look cute in the last pic!!

    xx Adrian


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