01 June 2012

Tunes || Sunghost

Today is the day! My dear friends' band Sunghost is releasing side A of their new album "Glitter, Guns, and Gold"! I'm so proud of them. They have been working so hard and the album is really good so far. They are definitely the kinda guys who are just so stoked to be playing music and I think you can feel that in their music.  They are all really talented at what they do and I'm so excited to see where they go. I love my friends : )

Anyways, they are doing this pretty neat thing where they release side A first and side B later. What's cool about it is that each week they will feature a new song, tell us a bit about it, and include neat little extras- like videos, artwork, etc. I love the social aspect/community building they are creating. Follow them on FB if you wanna be all up in the action (side note: disregard today's silly comment they posted about how glitter is useless- they clearly don't know what they are talking about. Glitter for life!). You can also buy side A in full on their bandcamp page. You can decide what you think it's worth and all the money raised goes to making side B. Treat yo'self and take a looksie.

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