24 July 2012

Why my boyfriend is like, sooo totally radical

I saw this post on Chalk White Arrow and thought it was way cute. So I thought I'd post about some of the little things that make Trev extra special and super cool. Eat your heart out ladies ; )

  • he acts like a fool and he owns it. he thinks it's funny. he's right.
  • he can grow a gnarly beard.
  • he's a smarty pants.
  • he says things like, "that really gets my goat!" (like a grandpa!)
  • he wakes up every morning around 6:30 to make me coffee. even though he doesn't have to be to work till 9.
  • he's really good at almost everything he tries. music, writing, cuddling, coffee making...
  • he rarely loses his cool and is almost always positive.
  • he thinks i'm awesome and funny and sings along when i dance to Katy Perry. 

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