26 November 2012

5 reasons you should be shopping small, local business

I'm back from New York and, though we had the best time, it's pretty nice being home. I've got TONS of photos to share with you later this week. We had soo much fun and I was really good at snapping pictures this time! Trev and I got home around 6 and spent the evening decorating for Christmas. It was the perfect end to our little holiday.

Since today is cyber Monday and holiday shopping is in full swing, I thought I'd tell you why I think shopping small, locally owned businesses is the best! P.S. Read to the bottom for super deals at Merry May!

1. You just can't beat the customer service. Whether it's in person or online, the employees know more about the products and have more of a stake in the companies success. The employees and owners are usually eager to help ensure you have the best experience. If you want custom work done you can get it. if you have a question, you can get a prompt answer. And you can get to know the person behind the brand.

2. You can find unique, quality items. One of my favorite local businesses here in Phoenix, Frances, always has the coolest stuff you can't find anywhere else. It's always so exciting to see the look on someones face when you give them the perfect, unique gift. In addition, the quality of the products are usually better- think about going to a local restaurant with locally sourced ingredients compared to a chain restaurant.

3. You get to be a hero. Shopping small means you are directly supporting small business owners, their families, and their employees. Not only are you ensuring their holiday is just as fantastic as yours, you are making their dreams come true.

I'm a big proponent of shopping small local businesses and try each year to buy as much as I can from them. It's better for me and my family, it's better for my local economy, and it's better for those people trying to make their dreams of entrepreneurship come true. 


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