30 November 2012

Travels || Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Here it is! I have sooo many photos from our trip so I thought I'd break em up into two posts.

Thanksgiving eve, Trev and I took a nice little walk through central park to meet my family where they blow up all the balloons  We were told by various people that it was pretty low key and not super crowded. Boy were those folks wrong. It was insanity. Now I generally consider myself a city girl but goodness! That right there made me wanna move out to the middle of nowhere and hide. Not only was it PACKED (like, we were hardly able to move down the street) but people were kinda mean! I can't even tell you how many times I nearly got shoved to the ground or how many mean things I heard. Since the whole family was already there and there was no way we would be able to find them or even get across the street to where they were, we decided to go grab a well deserved drink.

On thanksgiving morning we woke up bright and early to nab a spot along the parade route. The weather was perfect! I hardly needed my big coat. To my surprise it was not that crowded and all the folks around us were super nice and made little conversations with us. People shifted as the parade began and we found ourselves almost to the front! We got mighty lucky! I took so many pictures that my phone, which was fully charged, nearly died and Trev's pooped out fairly soon after it began. Here are some of the photos I took. I tried to not crop any so you could see the scale of these things. They are seriously huge. You watch it on tv and think they are big but in person it's breathtaking. We couldn't get close enough to see the performances which was a bummer. But it was really amazing and I feel so lucky I got to go. Check that off my bucket list!

Check back for round two! XO

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