02 December 2012

Travels || NYC

We had the best time in New York City for Thanksgiving. We are a pretty tight knit crew and we go on a trip every year. This year we decided to move our trip from summer to fall and take my cousin's kids to see the city and all the holiday decorations. We had to leave my other cousin, his wife and son and our great grandparents behind which was unfortunate (we still had 14 people total on this trip!). We did a lot of walking, went and saw Mary Poppins, and, of course, visited a few toy stores! It was so nice to have this super special family time. I'm so thankful for my big, amazing family and I'm so thankful Trevor was invited. It was exciting to see him blend in so nicely. I hope you all head a great holiday and stuffed your faces with yummy food.

Me and Trev || Me being silly before Thanksgiving dinner || Love || Why are we on the ground? I'm not sure
Kaylin (the little one) and Savannah, my cousins girls. My cousin and I were raised like sisters so I feel like these girls are my nieces. They are the cutest things ever and I love them so much. Kaylin is insane as you can tell from her crazy faces. Such a ham.
 My dad and Trev || My cousin's flock || My sister making silly faces with the kids || Riley took a shining to Trevor.
This photo cracks me up. Kaylin decided to read Trevor's book. And held her brothers hand while doing it || Riley and Grammy Rochelle || Why do I always make rediculous faces? || Kaylin loved her Magnolia cupcake I got her

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