14 December 2012

Christmas List

I'm kinda a tough one to buy presents for. I generally don't want much and if there is something I'm dying for I go ahead and buy it. While I looove trolling pinterest and blogs for fresh new things, I tend to be pretty conscious about what I need or don't need. And when it comes to the holiday season, the only things I want tend to be those pricey things I can't afford to buy on my own (someone PLEASE gift me a Vitamix!).

Here I've compiled my personal Christmas wish list full of awesome things! It pretty much covers most of my interests- vintage fashion, beauty, garden/homesteading, food/kitchen- and offers varied price points, I imagine there might be something special for someone on your list. 

1. Radiant Cosmetics moisturizing lipstick in Charlotte. This shade is subtle and gorgeous! Radiant Cosmetics is an amazing company! A part of each sale goes to help fight human trafficking  Look pretty and help a good cause. Yay!
2. I'll take anything from Juniper Ridge. Seriously. They go out into the mountains, pick wild plants, and distill them into fragrances. Dream job? YES!
3. Radiant Cosmetics matte lipstick in Moscow. See number 1. I love matte lipstick because of the staying power.
4. Herbivore Botanicals face masks. I'm a sucker for good packaging plus the insides are amazing too. I already bought myself the detox bath stuff. It's all natural and vegan. 
5. Vintage garden tool set. Totally cute right?
6. Bonfire log from Terrain.
7. Rain harvesting barrel. I know I could make this aaand we don't get much rain here but I'd love to give it a try. This barrel collects rain water and allows you to store it and use it for things like watering your plants or hosing off your porch.
8. A fancy new chicken coop- Trevor if you are reading this lets make one ok? Our babies need to be pampered.
9. Joy the Baker gift set filled with a signed copy of the Joy the Baker cookbook, an 8 oz bottle of Sweet Brook Farm Maple Syrup, Sweet Revolution Caramels, and a 14-oz bag of Marge Granola.
10. Kitchen knife set from Terrain.
11. A subscription to Laika Magazine. I just found this brand NEW vegan lifestyle magazine. I need it.
12. Kitchen vermicomposter. If you don't already know, vermicomposting is just like regular composting (when organic matter is broken down into rich soil) but it uses worms and micro-organisms to do the work
13. Dainty double heart bracelet. They have a necklace too!
14. Rachel Comey Clogs. If I had a billion dollars I would buy these in a second. Maybe someone will be generous and gift these to me ; )
15. Floral mini tent dress. I love the way this is styled!
16. 50's eye glass frames. Gorgeous.

What are you hoping to receive this holiday season?? Is there something you are dying for?

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