31 December 2012

Visions of the new year

As I mentioned, I made a vision board to help me clarify where I need to direct my focus in the new year.  Here are some snippets of my board, the things I learned from making it, and some tips for you.

Stuff you need:
lots of magazines/books/photos/words
glue (optional)

First, invite friends. Make an event of it. It's more fun that way. Plus, your friends will bring different magazines. I don't often buy magazines but when I do, it's usually the same 2-3 and they are all about the same topics. This was my first problem. My inspiration was limited to the images at hand so having my pal Danielle participate and bring her magazines was fab and helped me to expand my vision.

Second, clip anything and everything you are drawn to. Don't censor yourself. Don't even think about the composition of your collage. Go with your gut and snip anything that you are drawn to or take a second look at.

Third, tape things down lightly. You don't have to tape if you make sure your fan is off and you don't make any sudden movements that will blow away your clippings. Again, don't worry about composition or whether it fits together or anything like that.

As you begin to display your images, notice if there are any themes popping up across your board. It might not be super obvious but there will surely be some theme or multiple themes there. I noticed I had A LOT of natural, organic images. I hadn't noticed while clipping away but once I looked back at the images I noticed I had a strong pull towards nature, as you can see. It was fascinating to see this unfold and helped me figure out what was going on in my noggin. Which brings me to my next point...

Fourth, think about what those images might be revealing to you and think up some ways you might be able to implement it the new year. For me it was nature. So maybe my goal will be to go for a walk every day. Maybe it will be to incorporate more natural elements into my home decor. Maybe it will be to go camping.

Now, focus on composition and get as creative as you'd like. Cover it in glitter, add a frame, throw on some stickers. Skip this step if you don't feel like it. Or get crazy with it. It's your board after all.

Share your masterpiece with your friends. See what kinda themes you have in common and brainstorm ideas and goals for the new year. Toast to your bad ass selves and get stoked for 2013!


Hi! I love you!