18 January 2013

Shop Merry May on Etsy

Howdy folks! Big News! Shop Merry May is now on Etsy!

To be totally honest, moving everything to Etsy was kinda a bummer for me. As a business person, I always feel like I have to keep my shit on lock and portray that everything is awesome. But that's not reality for a lot of small business owners. Things aren't always smooth and linear. I wavered with telling my story because I don't want to come across as a big joke as a business person but I think it's important to be totally transparent because a lot of us are in the same boat- trying to make our dreams come true- and probably dealing with similar things but no one wants to admit their weaknesses.

When I decided to put everything online I had big dreams. Now, this is always a good trait. But I think I shot too big and created something that was unsustainable. I just couldnt juggle it all- with my full time job, family, friends, etc. I kept getting frustrated and burnt out because things weren't exactly going as I had planned. But now it's time to start fresh, downsize a little and reevaluate my priorities. Even though it felt like a mini failure to me, I do think that having the ability to examine what isn't working and be flexible enough to make changes is an imperative trait for anyone who wants to own their own business. Trev, my business partner and constant support, reminded me of why I was doing all this in the first place and has helped me to refocus on my passion. I started this because I am passionate about these amazing vintage pieces. I am passionate about recycling these old garments that were made so well they have lasted for 20+ years, instead of taking part in this throwaway culture.I believe things these days are made poorly and/or engineered to last only a short while, the production process is more or less environmentally irresponsible, and there is a lot of wasteful packaging. Of course I shop at Forever 21 here and there, of course I play with trends, and I've been know to spree shop at Target from time to time, but it seems so much more meaningful to me to be a part of conserving fashion's history! It's a great hobby, it's good on my pocketbook and it's good on my concience.

Thank you all for the insane support you have given me! I'm so happy to have you all on this crazy ride with me and feel so thankful to know you (virtually and personally :). Do me a favor- check out the etsy shop and tell me what you think! And if you see something that tickles your fancy, enter coupon code BESTFRIENDS for 20% off! I'm pretty excited for what's to come!

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