06 February 2013

6 ways to turn a bad day around

This week has been a doozy... and it's only Wednesday. My coworker has been sick and out for over a week so we have been swamped trying to accommodate.  I've also been taking on more at work, which actually feels good, as well as sending out shop orders, updating the shop (new stuff is coming : ) and trying to make plans to actually complete some of the blog ideas Maggie and I have been brainstorming. It has been rather overwhelming!

I love this quote. It seems centering. 
So here they are- 6 ways to turn a poopy day around

1 || Do something special for someone- when I'm feeling especially uninspired I like to do something nice for someone else, even if it's just sending them a happy text or making a crafty little card. It's free and it makes a world of difference to see them surprised and thankful.

2 || Turn on your favorite up-beat song and dance your face off. Matt and Kim or Katy Perry always make me totally amped and stoked to be alive. Turn it up and jump around like a fool- it gets your blood flowing and serotonin pumping. Baby you're a fiiiiiirewooooorkkk!

3 || Like number 2, Yoga can work wonders on a bad attitude. Not only does it get your body flowing, the focus on breathing can help you to re-center and take a moment to focus on yourself. Seriously, I just run through the sun salutation a couple times and instantly feel different. This video will only take you ab 5-6 minutes- plus the background is pretty and I'm pretty sure she has heels on..?

4 || Take some time for yourself and take a bath. So we have this weird thing at our house. The guy we bought the house from was a home flipper from Canada and decided  to cut corners and/or put little effort into supervising the workmanship. So we don't have a faucet in our bathtub. I have to run the shower to fill the bath. But you know what, it's totally fine once I get in and soak with a good book- makes everything feel better somehow.

5 || Put on some bold lipstick. Honestly, this is my go to pick me up. Even if I feel and look gross, when I throw on lipstick I feel totally different- bold and empowered.

6 || Call a friend, your mom, or me! It always feels so good to catch up with an old friend or run crying to your mom. I'm lucky to have many wonderful friends that always know how to lift me up. And I know I'm 27 years old, but running to my mom is comforting. Plus that's what mom's are for.

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