04 February 2013

Exciting News || Meet Maggie

Maggie and I at the Sun Ghost video shoot. We were supposed to be a girl gang of hoodlums.

Hey guys! I'm so super stoked to announce that one of my very best pals, Maggie, is going to start doing guest posts here and there. She is super cool, super smart, and has great style. Her style is pretty different from mine so I thought it would be a nice addition to the blog. Maggie has a very cool and effortless sense of style and she inspires me daily to push the boundaries I sometimes place upon myself. She is a great friend and I know she will be an awesome addition to my little blog. We have a few fun ideas we are hoping to incorporate in the coming months. My mind is already racing with fun ideas!

So here she is! I'm so exciiitedddd!

Hello, my fellow Fashion Lovers.

Right off the bat, I want to thank Ashley for asking me to be a "guest blogger" for her site. I am honored to be friends (and neighbors!) with such a sweet, creative, talented, and most importantly goofy individual. I know all of you, her readers and followers, love her and appreciate her as much as I do, so I hope to do her shop and her brand justice.

With that said, I will admit, when she initially asked me to do this blog I said "Duh, of course!" But quickly realized that I had no idea how to blog, let alone what I should write about. So please excuse my initial mess and hopefully I will get the hang of this in the next couple of posts I write.  Please feel free to email me ideas or questions and I can cheat, I mean...use that as inspiration for my posts.

I apologize if this is too cliche but I wanted to use this opportunity to introduce myself, how I came to be friends with Ashley, and of course where my love of fashion has stemmed from.

I met Ashley about three years ago when she was working at a vintage shop in downtown Phoenix. We bonded over both going to college  in Denver, attending private high schools and how we "altered" our uniforms to fit our personalities, and our shared love of blink182 (sorry, had to do it). We have since become very close friends and she has trusted me enough to help out at some of her events and put together outfits for a photo shoot this past summer. I am so pumped to have the opportunity to share my thoughts about fashion with you.

I have had quite a bumpy road on my journey to discovering my fashion identity and what works for me. Like most people, I have gone through many different interesting phases, but I do believe I have always remained true to myself while trying to figure out who I actually am. I guess that is something we all universally experience, which is what makes fashion so cool. Lovers of fashion usually discover it at some critical point in their lives and are continually learning and growing and allowing what they wear to not necessarily define, but enhance who they are.

I remember being allowed to pick out my clothes for the first time in second grade. I wore totally mismatched outfits and had no idea what the "rules" were when it came to matching and coordinating,  but looking back....I kinda don't think I cared. Other kids had their moms dressing them in of the moment, typically school- kid outfits (think oshkosh and gap) and I was out there wearing a poncho from my dads business trip to Chile one day, a Mexican sundress the next, and then my multicolored chucks or even a pair of Dr.Martens with overalls the next.  I even had a super edgy, androgynous short haircut for a good chunk of my childhood (hopefully you are picking up on my extremely dry sarcasm here). If that doesn't help one develop a thick skin in regards to appearance, I don't know what will. The  point I am trying to make is that I was able to express myself through fashion and personal style, and even though it wasn't always well received, it was important to me.

How is fashion important to you? What was your a-ha moment when it comes to personal style?

Can't wait to share more of my (ridiculous) opinions and ideas about fashion with you all.

Later, dudes.


  1. "Androgynous short hair cut" - only a picture can do it justice - please share, Maggie!

    Oh, also, keep up the good work, you two :)

  2. Please see my Instagram about two weeks ago. That should give you a good idea! I feel like that is as public as I can get.


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