17 May 2012

Home Inspiration || Living Room

On Saturday we moved all my stuff into my new home and boy is it exciting!

I've spent the last little while being a bit of a nomad- I stayed in an apartment for about 6 months (well more like stored my stuff there and never stayed there cause I kinda hated it), moved into the tiny house (which I loved) for about 15 month, moved in with some friends for two months then moved in with another friend for two months. It has been nice to not be tied down by stuff and have the luxury of wandering (mostly around the same neighborhood but whatever haha). When I moved from the tiny house I liquidated most of my furniture. So now that this house thing has fallen in my lap it has been both fun and overwhelming figuring out what I want it all to look like and how to find affordable and rad pieces of furniture. And what is even more overwhelming is I have soooo much stuff and so many collections (vintage planters, old cameras, quilts, and more!) and no where to put them! But I would really love to hold off for the perfect pieces to come along- it's the first time in my life I'm investing in pieces that I love instead of just using hand-me-downs. I'm such an adult ; )

The house was built in 1941 and has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, dining room and kitchen/laundry room. I've been collecting so much inspiration on Pinterest lately. Feel free to check it out or just sit tight cause I'll surely be posting tons of home inspiration in the coming weeks. 

The back bedroom is basically the storage room at the moment but will be turned into my studio/store room/Trevor's writing room. I'm sooo excited to get that room going because my goal- as you may or may not know- is to get my online shop up and running asap.The other room is the guest room and is mostly set, with a bed, chair and my quilt collection. I plan on putting a dresser in there for storage- silly historic homes with no storage! Because there is space in the kitchen for a table, I would like to put a china hutch in the dining area to display this amazing set I was given by my great grandmother. 

I also would like to put the record cabinet in that space, as well as storage for our growing collection of vinyl. I am focusing on the master bedroom and living room for the time being- just cause those are the spaces that will be seen the most. Here is some of my living room inspiration.
Love the side table and the pillows

So bright and beautiful!


I'm going for a mid century modern/minimal/bright/naturey/grandma's house vibe. We'll see about that : )

Also, do me a favor and check out The Brick House. Morgan's home is SO fab. Her eye is impeccable and, if you can believe it, she's incredibly thrifty about her renovations. Check out her DIYs too- this one on refreshing vintage wood will come in incredibly handy in the coming months. You kill me Morgan! Let's be best friends! Also check out Our Mid Century. These dudes are Trevor's friends. They have a gorgeous home and do lots of DIYs. It's one of my favorites!

Where do you get home inspiration from? Are there any crazy places you have found treasures?

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